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Splenda is an IT company founded in 2004, with office in Brasília - Brazil, that provides consultant services in Data Governance. We make available to our clients the experience in implantation of large-scale projects.

Our job is help our clients to implement their strategic vision from the design and implantation of innovative technology solutions.

Ability on conception and deployment of innovator technology solutions, evaluating software licenses that already exists or offering alternatives to expansion from use of open source software are acquired competences throughout our history.

Splenda collaborates with its clients from public or private market, helping them to achieve high performance level that enables use of technology to take better decisions, identify new risks and opportunities.

Our Philosophy



Contribute to generate value to our clients, both for public and for private sector, by using technology to make available the information to make decisions, promoting transparency and integrity of business process.



Be a key partner of our clients from innovative solutions of Data Governance to store, manager and analyze large volume data, generating information with value to meet the needs.

Splenda aims to aggregate max value to our clients based on key principles.



We seek translate the market opportunities in profitable, agile and flexible Data Governance solution with knowledge and purpose, sharing value to everyone and taking advantage of the existing client's environment.



The quality of our services is attested with our professional competence and integrity of our actions, approved to our clients. We comply with our contracts and charge fair price to our services.



We operate with professional form and we invest in a good relationship because we believe that the best solution becomes with a teamwork, in an environment with respect and sharing.



We have signed commitment with our clients and we guarantee delivery on the agreed terms.



The speed we work is one differential that our customers receive, allowing the use of products as soon as possible.

Technical excellence


We have a team in continuous training and learning in advanced technologies on the market, making possible delivery the best product as soon as possible.



One of Splenda's characteristics is the internal and external cooperation, making possible agile deliveries with high quality.



From de junction of our principles, Splenda aims not only delivery products, but ensure a high degree of confidence to ours clients. We believe ensure is the foundation of success.

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